Are Your Supplements Hurting Your Heart?

Less than two years after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) added higenamine to its list of substances prohibited in sport, an international team of public health researchers has published a peer-reviewed study documenting inaccurately labeled and potentially harmful levels of the stimulant in weight-loss and sports/energy supplements available in the United States. Based on the… Continue reading Are Your Supplements Hurting Your Heart?

The Real Scoop on Creatine

Hands down, creatine is the king of supplements for those interested in bodybuilding or physique development. It’s high on the list for those who want to improve strength and power, as well as those whose interests lie in the sports performance realm. Why? The simplest answer is because it actually works. No supplement on the… Continue reading The Real Scoop on Creatine

Fish Oil During Pregnancy Leads to Bigger, Healthier Children

Fish oil supplement in the later stages of pregnancy is associated with a higher body mass index (BMI) in children in the first six years of life, which is explained by an increase in total lean and bone mass at 6 years of age, but with no increase in fat mass, suggest the findings of… Continue reading Fish Oil During Pregnancy Leads to Bigger, Healthier Children

Back-to-School Nutrition Tips (Real World Version)

The poster to the left really does say it all as it relates to nutrition for kids. Get them to eat real food. Fruits, veggies, meats, whole grains, natural dairy products and water. Honest, nutritious REAL food. If only it were that simple! Especially at that frightful, stress-filled time of year that kids dread and… Continue reading Back-to-School Nutrition Tips (Real World Version)