Podcast: Why Your Brain Wants You To Train Heavy!

Can you gain muscle by lifting lighter weights for lots of repetitions? Yes, you can. Will you get as strong as you might by lifting heavier weights? No. Of course, strength and conditioning coaches, power lifters, athletes, strength enthusiasts and just about anyone who can think already knew that. Even the pretty people in the… Continue reading Podcast: Why Your Brain Wants You To Train Heavy!

Why Your Brain Wants You To Lift Heavy

Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have given new meaning to the concepts of brain power and mind-muscle connections. Their study suggests “strongly” that the development of physical strength improves as much from training the nervous system as it does from exercising the muscles controlled by it. In the past few years, research has shown… Continue reading Why Your Brain Wants You To Lift Heavy

Why Your Fall Athlete Gets Injured

At the start of fall sports season, many athletes develop “unusual” injuries. Coaches, parents and the athletes themselves usually seem surprised at these injuries. But they really shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the number of drastic changes that occur during the transition from the activities of summer to the rigors of fall sports seasons… Continue reading Why Your Fall Athlete Gets Injured

7 Reasons Your Pre-Teen Should Strength Train

Can I be honest here? I think if one more parent says “my doctor said my kid shouldn’t lift weights until he/she is 14,” I’m going to be sick. Physically, violently ill. Your doctor is wrong. Well intentioned, but wrong. The good doctor is expressing a thought that, once upon a time, made sense. When… Continue reading 7 Reasons Your Pre-Teen Should Strength Train

Get Bulletproof Knees, Vol. 1

This is the first installment in this series about how to make your knees “bulletproof” for sports. Bulletproof in this arena means really, really injury resistant. Here, Cam Dineen (Arizona Coyotes 2017 3rd Round pick) is doing an exercise that gets performed really poorly all too often. Band-resisted Shuffles are a great way to activate… Continue reading Get Bulletproof Knees, Vol. 1

Commitment to Excellence, Hockey Style

Are you a college, junior or AAA club hockey player? What’s your “commitment” to your sport look like? If it looks like this, you’ve got a shot at the “next level.” Chris, Zach & Pat are with me this spring and summer, putting in the work where it really makes a difference. I bet you… Continue reading Commitment to Excellence, Hockey Style