Essential Law 1: Better is Better

After 20 years in the Strength, Fitness & Performance Training field, there is still something that irks me beyond description. You’ve seen it. We all have. Hundreds, maybe thousands of times. It happens in big box, “McFitness” health clubs. It happens in “boxes.” It happens in boot camps and “transformation centers.” It even happens in… Continue reading Essential Law 1: Better is Better

Stress, Exercise Fatigue & Your Suffering Brain

Chronic stress can lead to increased inflammation in a variety of tissues in the body. Chronic stress includes relationship stress, money stress and work- or school-related stress. Working out too much, too long or without adequate rest or regeneration is also chronic stress. In the modern era of “more is better,” we often substitute a… Continue reading Stress, Exercise Fatigue & Your Suffering Brain

5 1/2 Phrases All Fitness Professionals Need to Learn AND Use…

As Fitness Professionals, many of us relentlessly pursue education and learning in order to deliver better service to those we work with. Few things can improve your quality of service more than a deeper knowledge of key training issues. Better knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pattern development and movement pattern deviation can make you better… Continue reading 5 1/2 Phrases All Fitness Professionals Need to Learn AND Use…

Effective Metabolic Conditioning

Effective Metabolic Conditioning should meet 4 essential criteria. 1. It needs to be manageable for your clients, based on current fitness levels, movement skills and motivation levels. 2. It should be challenging enough to elicit a training response that increases work and cardio-respiratory capacity and contributes to improved metabolic efficiency (energy system enhancement and better… Continue reading Effective Metabolic Conditioning

Better is better…

Better is better. I say it to my athletes and clients, and I believe it fully. Better form leads to better exercise. Better exercise leads to better metabolic output and better strength and power. Here, Craig is getting after a MetCon complex with really good form. Sure, he could Wall Ball with 1/2 depth squats.… Continue reading Better is better…

Strongman Spatial Tire Flip Challenge

An “upgrade” to what we’re calling the “Strongman Spatial Challenge.” An 8 yard square, 3 foam rollers and 3 cones as obstacles. The rules: 1. Hit an obstacle, do 10 Rope Slams. 2. Flip the tire outside the square, do 10 Rope Slams. 3. On the last flip, the tire has to be back on… Continue reading Strongman Spatial Tire Flip Challenge

“Bulletproof” your knees, part 1

Want “bullet-proof” knees? Learn to manage frontal plane forces (yes, transverse plane, too, but I’m talking frontal plane here.) Here, Cam is working on Band-resisted Shuffles with controlled return steps, which allow her to develop frontal plane stabilization strength by managing a frontal plane load on a single leg. It works well for her because… Continue reading “Bulletproof” your knees, part 1