Joints and Dysfunction

Joint mobility is a curious thing. Not enough mobility in a specific joint creates a kinetic “chain reaction” which increases the mobilization requirement of another joint, usually directly above or below the immobile joint. Take hip mobility, for example. When the hips get stiff and immobile, whether from injury, overuse or a massive dose of… Continue reading Joints and Dysfunction

Early Sport-Specialization Leads to Higher Injury Risk

Not long ago, the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) undertook a study to determine the impact of early-sport specialization on injury rates among high school athletes. While there are a few minor flaws in the study, which I’ll address momentarily, the study sheds a fairly strong negative light on early sport-specialization as it… Continue reading Early Sport-Specialization Leads to Higher Injury Risk

Nourish Body and Soul

When you’ve poured into others all weekend. When you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable and available all weekend. When you’ve committed mind, body, heart and soul to changing the world by answering the challenge of fitness… The best thing to do is to nourish your body and feed your soul… After an amazing weekend presenting… Continue reading Nourish Body and Soul

5 1/2 Ways to Make Your Family Healthier

In our hustle and bustle society, family health is often pushed out of the picture. This is in spite of the massive rise of organized youth sports, “health clubs” springing up like weeds and a never-ending flow of information about food and nutrition. Visits to the fitness center and scheduled sports practices have largely replaced… Continue reading 5 1/2 Ways to Make Your Family Healthier