“Evidence-based S & C” – Is it for real?

Like so many other questions in the Fitness Profession, the answer is “it depends.” The term “Evidence-based Strength & Conditioning,” or “Evidence-based Fitness Training” is starting to pop up in the Fitness Profession. Heck, I bet someone is working furiously right now on creating the next big fitness info-product based on the idea. “6 Weeks… Continue reading “Evidence-based S & C” – Is it for real?

What we can learn from Lee’s Knees.

This is Lee. Well, actually, it’s Lee’s knees. In his right knee he’s missing a meniscus since 1981 and ruptured his ACL, and tore his MCL, sometime between 1981 and 5 years ago. His Ortho elected not to repair, telling him “I’ll see you in about 10 years” for total knee replacement surgery. (?) An… Continue reading What we can learn from Lee’s Knees.

Try this: Zercher Lunge and Ball Slam Complex

Click for video. Core training, strength training, postural training and metabolic conditioning. All important elements of a solid training program, for athletes and for fat loss. All found in this multi-faceted complex. Zercher Carry Walking Lunge x 12 Dead Ball Slam x 6 4 rounds, with 45-60 seconds rest between rounds, BUT you must hold… Continue reading Try this: Zercher Lunge and Ball Slam Complex

Another Fitness and Performance Blog


ou may already noticed something a little “off” about this bit of writing.

Maybe because there’s something a little “off” about me, as it relates to fitting in to the mold of “typical” Fitness Professionals. (IS there really such a thing? WHY?)